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PHRF Certificate and others

SJ 23 forum has been kinda quiet -  everyone out sailing?

Received my PHRF certificate today...I received a 243 rating- how does that 
compare with other inland lakes?

Other interesteing information (not on my certificate)

sail area/displacement - either 19.64 or 19.31, depending on your boat - this 
puts us in the high end of the cruiser/racer group (emphasis on racer)
Displacement/length ratio - 150 - a light displacement racer category
capsize ratio 2.3
Motion comfort index 12.43
Screen Stability 25.85 degrees
Vanishing stability 135 degrees
hull speed 6.04

and there you have it.  I am sure this is all on tech tips somewhere....

MIke R
#363  no name
Statesville, NC

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