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Re: SJ23 Tech Tips

Sorry Bob, that explanation will not avaid you having to walk the plank! San Juan 23's require perfect sailors and Webmasters. Would someone please blindfold Bob and say the last rites.
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Date: Friday, May 09, 2003 12:07:38
Subject: SJ23 Tech Tips
Good Day All:

A very confused reader had trouble understanding a Tech Tip the other
day. Try as he might, he couldn't figure it out. He reread the Tip for
several days, till in desperation he sent out a cry for help. After an
"objective" reread of the Tip, I conceded that the text was "out to
lunch," due to one substituted word. It changed the meaning of the Tech
Tip quite a lot. So much in fact, that the original idea was lost. I
was wrong; only the second time in my life though!!!!!

Now, I like to keep my technical writing skills sharp by publishing
these Tech Tips, but every once in a while a screw up slips through the
cracks. Technical writing must be objective and sometimes it is
difficult to explain a concept at the risk of wordiness. It is also
difficult to eliminate colloquialism. It creeps into a language to give
it colour. Aside from that, words are sometimes substituted for the sake
of interest or to eliminate repetition. You see how troubles can creep
into a document? This is one of the reasons why I placed a glossary of
nautical terms at

In the absence of my buddy who used to proof read my documents, (gawd I
miss that) I appreciate receiving the occasional nudge to correct a
mistake. So please don't pull your hair out in frustration. Don't
hesitate to send that email to ask for clarification.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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