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Re: Replacement bulkheads....NOT.......

Hi Mike:

The fact is that you don't require the strength of G-10 or FR-4. The rot resistance is nice though but I also like the look of teak or other wood. Several years ago I saw an SJ23 with bulkheads so rotted that they crumbled in my hands. There was absolutely nothing holding them to the bottom of the hull. The chain plates were still bolted to the top of bulkhead but this left only the deck to hold the bulkhead down. So what held the mast up? The deck screws and the toe rails. Thank God they were in good shape.

Now I wouldn't recommend sailing like this but the original owner raced her in this condition for many years and it does demonstrate the strength of the deck and the hull to deck joint. Happy fixing.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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