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RE: Help me find a mast!

A couple of thoughts for you.
1) If you can get the dimensions for the original, through one of our members on this site, then you could have one constructed. They have an excellent spar shop at JSI in St. Petersburg and do a lot of custom work. Bill Wright is one of the owners and can be reached toll-free at 1-800-652 4914.  or email bill@xxxxxxxxxx  These guys do a lot of OEM work as well and have been in the biz forever.
2) This is a longshot, but again, with the dimensions in hand, you might contact Don's Marine Salvage in Largo, FL at 727-576-8577. Billy is the contact there. He advised me today that he has about 100-150 masts in stock and would be willing to take your dimensions and search his inventory for a fit. (They buy out OEM overstock and are a tremendous source for all kinds of stuff.
Unfortunately you might have to come here to pick this stuff up, but it's just a day trip from SC!
Hope this helps!
D. Wendal Attig
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Greetings all;
I have recently purchased a SJ23 project boat and I need a mast. I have good sails, boom and rigging, but no mast.
Any help locating one would be greatly appreciated.
I am located in Bonneau, SC and my boat is the 'Rowdy Kate'.
Thanks, Rick Buxton

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