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SJ 23 to Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout -we went FRi- Sun - SJ 23 - We left Atlantic Beach Friday at 10 am- great sail over with 5-6 knots boat speed- main only!  Wind blew hard Fri night -  couldn't keep the grill lit (15-25 knots).  Sat was gray for much of the day, but a super afternoon from 2-6 pm or so -  great cook out on the grill  - blew hard again Sat night 20 knots plus in thunderstorms. Our boat sailed around on its anchor a lot. Sunday was a pleasant motor back from the Cape - we didn't see any sharks, but LOTS of big turtles. It was very unusual weather for July 18-20 we never got hot -  never used the fans but had to take down the bimini for fear of a strong gust bending it!  Does your SJ 23 sail aroumndn its anchor a lot is a stiff breeze?

Mike R

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