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RE: SJ 23 to Cape Lookout

Just this year I started to experiment with a small "stay sail" that I made from a tarp that I had.  I made the top 2 sides about 3 feet long and I have tried placing it perpendicular to the centerline using the backstay and the 2 aft lifeline stanchions to secure it.  On the one side that I had to cut, I folded over the cut end and used epoxy to secure it.  I also epoxied in a grommet into the corner of the cut side.  All just a quick project to see what the results would be.  So far, I am quite impressed to see how it stabilizes the boat at anchor.  I am also going to try securing it to the boom and the backstay to see what that does.  I usually keep my boom off to the port side to keep the companionway unobstructed and I didn't know how having the staysail offset would affect the motion.  I will keep you all posted!


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Short keeled boats with high free boards such as the SJ 23 are famous for
sailing around the anchor.  One thing I've done in the past is to throw an
anchor off the stern as well as the bow.  I've only done this in a
protective cove where the entrance is narrow and trees on both sides that
would prevent a beam wind.
I've heard one way of preventing sailing on the anchor is to put up a small
sail near the end of the boom and attached to the back stay that will act
as a weather vane and keep the boat dead in the wild.  I've never done
this, but it sounds reasonable.

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