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Re: Jib furlers

Frank May the former owner of our boat converted the foresail to roller furling, a Harken type 00. Works well and the foil has two tracks ,so if you are racing you can lower the genny and raise a jib (or vice versa) (if you remove the drum-which is simple)
you will need to have the sails converted to fit the foil and have sunbrella sewn on to prevent uv damage.
All in all about 1400-1500  canadian.Dont forget stanchion blocks to run lines to the cockpit.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:57 AM
Subject: Jib furlers

Sailing last weekend, Suzie and I decided Pondweed needs a jib furler. Who out there has done this upgrade to their SJ23, what brand, what's the cost, any suggestions? I understand the jib needs to be modified to work with a furler, or should I just have a new one made? Cheers!
-Dave Meissner
1979 #384

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