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Re: Jib furlers

Dave- I put a Harken 00 on my SJ23 two years ago and have been VERY pleased with it. My wife loves not having to go forward to raise or lower the jib. Also nice to be able to ruduce it in a hurry from the cockpit. I had my 150 converted by North Sails. The conversion and the furler came to about $1,000 and alittle more for the rigging. The best thing about it is how much easier it is to singlehand!.....Tom Dew
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:57 AM
Subject: Jib furlers

Sailing last weekend, Suzie and I decided Pondweed needs a jib furler. Who out there has done this upgrade to their SJ23, what brand, what's the cost, any suggestions? I understand the jib needs to be modified to work with a furler, or should I just have a new one made? Cheers!
-Dave Meissner
1979 #384

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