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Re: SJ23 - Forward Hatch - Here are the responses fromn the SJ 24 list….

Here are the responses fromn the SJ 24 list….

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:29:01 -0700
From: "Morrison, John" <johnm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Foreward Hatch?

The Lewmar hatches, and all hatches with the aluminum framework, are flat.
That's a BIG problem, because the forward hatch opening on the SJ24 is full
of compound curves.  You would have to construct a coaming on the hatch
sides, I estimate 2-3 inches tall.  I fear this would ruin the lines of the

A better idea would be to construct a curved wooden frame, and then have a
local plastic shop bake 1/4" plexi onto it.  This would form a very strong
and seaworthy hatch.

John M
 Foreward Hatch?

I built my own forward hatch cover. This was before I found out about
Gene Adams.

First I built a plywood mold, cutting 2 x 4s to the curvature of the
deck, and then bending 1/4" ply to the curvature.  I then clamped the
mess down on the workbench to accommodate my sawing inaccuracies and
make sure it was square.  I coated the mold with resin, let it cure,
and waxed it.  I used gelcoat colorant in standar polyester resin
instead of real gelcoat.  I just soaked a bunch of polyester resin in
some fiber (not 'glass) insulation I bought somewhere and have an
exceedingly resin-rich 1/2" thick chunk of fiber reinforced plastic.
It basically duplicates the plexiglass hatch cover that was cracked
when I bought the boat.  The thing must weigh 30 lbs and I was happy
to replace it with the OEM version from Gene.

Of course next time, with more effort on the mold, some vacuum bagging
and carbon fiber ... .

Dave Brezina

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