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RE: New Owner

Hi Michelle,
Welcome aboard!  There is a bunch of great stuff on the website, I love it.
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I have purchased a 1977 San Juan 23 , hull number 117.  This boat was formerly owned by Gary Robinson and was named Ms. B. Hav'n 2.  I have renamed her (complete with champagne and ceremony) as "Kathy Marie".  She will be sailed mostly on Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, Iowa,  but I intend to trailer her to some of the larger lakes in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  I am one of the few women in the Lake Manawa Sailing Association that skippers her own boat, and most of the time I sail single handed.  My husband comes along as crew once in a while, but he doesn't have the love for sailing like I do. 
The SJ23 is a step up for me (from a Helsen 20), but she has been gentle and forgiving when I make mistakes, and nice and fast when I do everything correctly.  She has been mine for only two months, but I already am quite attached to her.  This winter, I plan on sewing a new sail cover, and hope to make more modifications next spring to make it easier to sail single handed.
Michelle Pierce

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