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What do you use for tiedowns?


Took delivery of a tandem axel trailer and have arranged the bunks so as to hopefully support the hull properly. I have removed everything from her less the outboard, fuel and battery so that she is as light as possible on the trailer (still will be 3200+).  As she has a fixed winged keel she draws 34" to the bottom of the keel and 36" to the bottom of the rudder. So she will be sitting rather high compared to other SJ23's.  With the wing on the keel I don't have side bunks, and will have to build them later as I'll have to just use tie straps horizontally for this trip home.

On to the question at hand though. What do you use for tiedowns holding the rear to the trailer?  I figure I can use an additional tiedown on the front from the hoop to the trailer chassis.

Another question is:

How do you support your mast?  Wood block with carpet front and aft over the railings and something in the middle to mitigate springing?

Thanks in advance

SJ 23 1988 

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