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Re: another tip

Hi Mike:

I don't doubt that the helm will be lighter with the blade more vertical BUT my helm is light with the rudder blade in line with the rudder head. It takes very little effort to pull the tiller when sailing on the wind. It would seem to me that you should consider adjusting the rake of the mast or the position of the centre board to ease the helm. The mast on Panache is raked aft slightly, about 6", and the centre board is in the middle position. I also sail her flat, fore/aft, on the water line. You could also release the mainsheet tension to position the boom out to release some force.

When filing the glass off, keep in mind that the rudder blade is constructed of glass over foam. Filing the glass off will expose the foam to water and weaken the blade where it could open up and split.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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