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Re: SJ23 - where to mount the VHF.

I mounted ours on the Port side  under the middle of the Aft Porthole and back far enough to be over the gear storage rail.  Has worked well.  Out of the weather and close enough to the cockpit to let the mike cord reach outside when needed.
Mike Grygiel
SJ 23 "Gree Gull"
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Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2004 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: SJ23 - where to mount the VHF.

I bolted ours inside the cabin, to the lip under the starboard side where the fifth 'berth' normaly is.  I pulled the cushion from there completely and use it as secure stowage for stuff I don't want wet .  The 'lip' means no holes to be 'sealed because of danger of water penetration -  alos very short wire runs to fuse panel/battery on starboard side.  Also, so far a short cable run to antenna mounted on stern rail.

Mike R

Obi Juan
Charlotte, BC  (snowing like crazy outside - this can't me NC)  <grin>

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