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Re: SJ23 Notice

Hi William:

(I have to be real careful what I say here). Don't listen to your wife. 
If she complains, then start cleaning the brushes inside the house. And 
while you are at it, demand a more convenient spot in the freezer.  
After all why should you have to reach to the back under the steaks all 
the time.  What a nuisance. If  you are still alive after this, let me 
know how you did it.  I could make a Tech Tip out of it.  I''m sure  
millions of other home handy men could benefit from your experience.  If 
you don't reply, I'll understand. 
PS: I store my brushes wrapped in individual plastic bags in a small box 
in the freezer. This helps immensely to prevent confusion with steak!

Good luck at the launching.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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