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You really love me e-mail he he VIRUS in SJ23 Majordomo archive

I have checked the virus warning below from skipper George Farland  and it is in the index. I have notified Hal Mueller and assume it will be removed as soon as he has time to do it. In the meantime don't open it and thanks George, sorry about your attack.
Chuck Vande Wetering 
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster
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Date: Monday, March 01, 2004 07:08:47
Subject: RE: changes



         The email list has a virus email in it,  subject  “ you really love me  he he ”  I picked up the email and opened the attachment last night and it took me 2 hours to clean it from my machine.  If anyone gets caught with it they might want to try Norton’s anti virus to clean it out.


George Farland






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