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To all

     Chuck, Bob and Jimmy, thank you for the suggestions on bulkhead, chain plate removal and access doors. After removing the table and moving the compression post aft, the port bulkhead came out easily.  After removal of chain plate bolts I found the plywood under the chain plate was extremely rotten and not able to provide any strength.  Another surprise to me was the lower bulkhead bolts came out very easy since the last person to reinstall the bulkhead never put the nuts back on.  I suppose it was to difficult to get under the settees. Bob, on this boat it will take more than two beers to figure out what actually was keep the mast up.  It is good that I sail in light winds.  This is a job definitely not started to soon.  In “TWO TACHY” both port and starboard settees have 4 or 5 inch holes cut through to the forward storage compartment allowing fairly easy access to the nuts on the bottom edge of the bulkheads. Does anyone have suggestions about the port bulkhead having to tie into the compression post.  I would like to open it up as it is on the starboard side.  Since it is only secured to the post with 3 screws I’m not sure it gives a lot of strength to the post. The table itself gives more stability to the post than the bulkhead.  The access hatch that I plan on installing in the face of the starboard settee is 18” wide and 12” high It is a access door from an outside hatch on a travel trailer complete with frame, seal and catch. It has 1 inch radius corners and plywood as a backing is a great idea as it will give the opportunity to install a level surface plate for the batteries to be secured to. Thanks to all for the help so far.

George and Jacki Farland


Sugar Land, Texas   






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