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Re: Still up for a San Juandezvous at Lake Norman for labor Day?

We had three SJ23's (out of 13) at our Commissioning Regatta at Lake 
Sinclair, GA last weekend.   I'll pass the word to them about the proposed 
Nationals at Lake Norman and see if I can get a group together.
Check out our schedule at .  I'm sure I could arrange a 
class at one or more of our open events if other SJ23's would like to 
attend.  Just let me know.
Jimmy Harrell
#495 Key Mist

At 10:21 AM 3/10/2004, you wrote:
>Have you ever raced your SJ 23 in a one design setting? Still up for a San 
>Juandezvous at Lake Norman for labor Day? We can hold the first (in a 
>really long time) National Championships in conjunction with the LNYC 
>Labor Day Regatta over the Labor Day weekend....Sat-Sun racing would allow 
>Monday for travel home or cruising Lake Norman. I propose it be non 
>spinnaker -  main and 150% genoa or less?  We could race 'round the buoys' 
>or PHRF course -  3 boats gets us a class scoring.  LNYC is off I-77 north 
>of Charlotte, NC, near I-40 and I-85. What do you think?
>Mike Robinson
>#363 Obi-Juan
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