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Bimini for SJ 23

The link below is a photo of a Bimini I made for my SJ23. I threw the first version together last year a few days before a planned weekend trip to Lake Martin in Alabama. I used what I had laying around including a PVC framed Bimini from another boat. The top is about 4' X 4' and I thought at first that it would be too narrow and not long enough to be of much use. I was also worried about not being able to see to trim the sails and that it would be too low since it had to clear the boom. After using it for the weekend, I now think that the size is a good compromise. The shade is big enough so that if we move about the two of us can find enough shade to cool off and it is small enough that I can see around it and look at sail trim. The low height also does not seem to be a problem since if I can stand up in the cockpit behind the Bimini when I want to. The PVC frame has a slip joint in the crossovers which makes it storable in the lazarette. Later, I plan to make a frame out of aluminum and maybe add a third crossover in the middle.

If anyone is interested in specifics, I can post more detailed measurements and photos.

Jimmy Harrell
Lake Sinclair, GA

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