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Rudder advice/suggestions sought

I have a new slip that can be a bit shallow with the right wind tide.
Therefore I am needing to make my rudder a swing up. The blade and head
are for a swing type but the previous owner had it all locked down with
bolts. I have taken it all apart and reviewed Bob's tech tips and lo and
behold, my blade had no holes for the bungee cords....and neither does
my head. I do however have a nice hole that I am thinking of using a pin
in for lockdown.

See, I only need to raise the blade when I'm approaching and in my slip
or a beach. The rest of the time the water I sail is deep enough to not
worry. I'm thinking a quick release pin....what's the opinion?

And I'd really appreciate any pics of how everyone has rigged their
rudder to make it easy to raise. I'm toying with a shackle/block in the
trailing edge with a line to a block on the aft end of the tiller. (My
head has no wood's completely welded plate.) But somehow
this doesn't seem right.....
Thanks all

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