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RE: CDI Furler and sail modification

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Morning Dave,
I got a new roller furling(Schafer snap furler 500) over the winter and wanted to do what you are attempting to do, convert the Sail from Hank to #6 luff tape. All the responses I got indicated that it wasn't practical to try and convert a Hank to a Roller Furling Jib.
So I purchased a new Roller Furling Jib from AirForce Sails.  Spectacular service from Bill James at AirForce Sails.
The Measurements I have are specific to the Schafer SF500 and my boat (1988 SJ23 Fixed winged keel Hull#2).  There are many measurements needed to get the sail right and the form on the AirForce Sails web site is very complete.
You will need a 30'+ length of measuring tape and hopefully your mast is still up.  Mine wasn't, but after some lengthy calculations and measurements, I was able to get all the measurements needed for them to build the sail properly.  Even with all that the size 140% I requested didn't fit the computer plan that AirForce Sails uses, so we chatted about it and I got a 150% that meet the criteria I was looking for. 
I guess I'll just be able to go faster in light wind now =).
Best of luck and Happy sailing.
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Subject: CDI Furler and sail modification

Question to fellow skippers. I recently purchased a CDI furler. I brought my jib to a sailmaker to have it modified, I knew I needed a #6 luff tape installed, but when they asked me how long (max length?) it needed to be I didn't have a clue. Can anyone enlighten me. And what other modifications would be useful. Thanks.
Dave Meissner
Pondweed #384

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