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A couple newbie questions about my San Juan

Hi again all! We got 'Amarillo' home to Daytona Beach
and put her in the water last weekend. Of course, that
led to the first of many projects  :)

1. The outboard wouldn't start of course. It sounded
gas starved, so I will install a new fuel line/hand
pump and see if that corrects the problem. I know the
motor works and we had gas in the tank. Any other

2. The tough one: our working jib was luffing all over
the place when we pointing close to windward. The
lines are set up outboard along pullies attached to
the toe-rail. We were thinking of repositioning the
lines further inboard so we could tighten up the jib
and keep it from snapping and flapping. Has anyone
done this? Is there a better solution?

Thanks!. I hope to have some pics of my beautiful boat
up soon! I'll let you all know....

DJ Nestrick

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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