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SJ 23 engine-related questions

We have a 9.9HP 2 stroke on Amarillo that was on her
when purchased three months ago and probably
originally came with the boat. It runs fine but
unfortunately someone tried to steal the motor last
week and trashed all the controls so I need to
determine whether it is worth repairing. It did bring
up question #1.

#1: Has anyone tried installing oars on a SJ23? I've
seen it done on similar boats and would be interested
in everyone's opinion. Usually it is either a single
long oar aft or a pair that can be operated from the
cockpit while straddling the tiller. What are
everyone's thoughts?

#2: Before being damaged, our motor chewed up the
rudder pretty good before we realized the two could
meet  :) Combining my need to repair that with the
difficulties we've had keeping the rudder fully down I
was considering just replacing the rudder with
something with less buoyancy. I'm sure there has to be
a catch though...

DJ & Jamie
Daytona Beach, FL

David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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