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SJ23 hull finishing question

Hey Everybody,

I am refurbishing an SJ23, the hull has some discoloration patches (roughly 8" diameter, various locations) that I am trying to remove/fix.

Initially I thought these patches were just exterior water stains that would disappear with polishing/buffing, but didn't. Upon further inspection, the stains seem to be below the gel coat surface; the surface is still nice and smooth with no blisters, cracks, etc., so I am wondering if the gel coat became porous in some areas allowing moisture to seep through.

I tried applying a mixture of TSP and oxalic acid, this didn't seem to do much. Next thing I tried was some FSR, which is just strong oxalic acid in a gel - I was thinking this might permit soak into the surface more readily; this didn't work either.

Has anybody seen this phenomenon before? Any way to remove these patches? Is a new paint job the only solution?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks!

- Mike

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