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Re: Questions for the experts

You need to have the sails converted to accept the tracks of the furling system . Furling is great for fair weathers and if your not racing sail trim is less of a concern.  Any sail loft can redo your sails
Annie #332
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Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 1:39 PM
Subject: Questions for the experts

Hi to All

     Since I’m still a novice I have a few questions for the experts.   In a used boat part store I found three used roller furling setups.  Preliminary measurements look good for installation on “Two Tachy”  I still need to check them out but I noticed, in the articles that I have been reading,  mention of having to cut the Genoa’s so they can be used on the roller furling. Does this have to be done and how can you tell if it does??   I have two Genoa’s number one is about a 120 and number two is a 150 both have a 3/8” line sewn into the luff and I believe I need to install luff tape over the line???  I still have to check out the units so I have been reading as much as can. All three units seem to be in working order (as much as I could inspect them in the pouring rain) and longer than I need, so can be cut down. He is asking $50.00 apiece so I can’t go to wrong.  Right now I’m more concerned about the sails.  I’ve always had trouble handling the genoas since my crews are even greener than I am so this looks like a nice solution.  I’m not worried about high performance since I’m a fair weather sailor. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


George and Jacki


Sugar Land, Texas     




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