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RE: Roll Call

Sorry, Out of the office last week, I pardon all who have received my
out of office notice repeatedly from this Roll Call.
Happily sailing the Puget Sound.
"Nystoga" SJ23 last of the line 1988. Hull 2 (wing/fixed keel).
Sailing May-October.  She is in the Garage for the winter.

I have the Web pages on my short list and refer often for information.
Please keep them available, if contributions are needed, I'd be happy to
help.  I look forward every time I get an email via this distribution,
as it is quite interesting to hear what everyone else is doing.

By the way if anyone would like to read a great Sailing tail try
"Bezerk".  However be forewarned, I think it the book is far more scary
than any Horror movie I have ever seen.

Cheers to all

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