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RE: Roll Call

Thanks for the many kind responses to my query about the SJ23 Webpages. The reason I asked the question was that I couldn't figure out what the roll call was all about and I jumped to the conclusion that most of you were just using the sanjuan23@ mobilegeographics  e-mail  exchange and Bob's  Techtips and might not use the SJ 23 Internet Fleet Webpages.  But based on your encouraging responses I decided someone was just finding out "which good buddies are out there with their ears on" (old CB jargon for listening)  and I decided the webpages are worth the work to keep up. I have let them get a little stale lately and I will try harder to freshen them up a bit. Pictures are always welcome. My boat is on the trailer and I am thinking about snow, turkey, and visiting grandkids right now. And it looks like Friday Harbor High is going to the state football playoffs so I will see you all in January. I am enjoying every minute of this thing called "retirement" so far. Thanks again for the great responses.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

-------Original Message-------
Date: Monday, November 22, 2004 05:51:11
Subject: RE: Roll Call
Sorry, Out of the office last week, I pardon all who have received my
out of office notice repeatedly from this Roll Call.
Happily sailing the Puget Sound.
"Nystoga" SJ23 last of the line 1988. Hull 2 (wing/fixed keel).
Sailing May-October. She is in the Garage for the winter.

I have the Web pages on my short list and refer often for information.
Please keep them available, if contributions are needed, I'd be happy to
help. I look forward every time I get an email via this distribution,
as it is quite interesting to hear what everyone else is doing.

By the way if anyone would like to read a great Sailing tail try
"Bezerk". However be forewarned, I think it the book is far more scary
than any Horror movie I have ever seen.

Cheers to all

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