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Re: Pets on board

Whenever I had my dog (American Eskimo) onboard I limited my time on the water to her capacities, if you get the drift. I usually took short trips and left right after she was done. The odd time that she did her business in the cockpit was when I couldn't get to shore. I felt sorry for her and sacrificed a small rug to save her bladder. This worked. Asking a dog to "hold it" for ridiculous long time periods is cruel and unusual punishment. Its also a great way to start organ problems. Now this may may seem crazy but, she liked her privacy during this time so I conveniently found something on the fore deck to do. It usually worked.

I never let her on the fore deck on her own for fear that she would jump overboard and swim to shore. (Lifeline netting solved this problem and so did leaving a section of rug in the cockpit. It gave her traction that she liked). As a northern breed that loves snow and ice she also loves water. She has no problems diving into ice cold water in the spring. On the other hand this solved the "taking a bath problem" in the summer. If I could keep her out of the weeds then she arrived on deck clean.

Whenever I had her onboard, she wore a harness. I never took her during extreme weather as she would lie at the bottom of the cockpit, suffering. Just not her cup of tea. Hope this helps.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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