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forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23

(message from DB27513@xxxxxxxxx fell through the cracks while I was upgrading the server hardware)

hi all - am new to the list.  Just got my SJ23 2 days ago. Plans are to
put in a slip in New Bern NC. Presently am overwhelmed with the
complexities of what I purchased!!  Am a hands on kind of guy, and will
learn, but right now.. whew!

2 Questions if you all might know about: (actually 3)

1)Positive floatation: havnt seen this discussed anwhere - just how
quickly boat will sink!!  Appears from all my snooping in the boat it
has none. How would I estimate how much to add to achieve this?

2)Water tank is origonal (I think) metal version under cockpit floor.
Want to put new one in bow (heard sails better) & fill under cockpit
space with foam.  Old one is glued to floor - do I just use a pry bar
to break glue seal (after removing connections?)

3) Is this list (and archives) searchable?

thanks in advance!

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