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Re: forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23

Hi Rudy:

Several years ago there was a discussion on what the buoyancy would be if a SJ23 were full of water. I can't remember who did the calculation but the answer was that it would sink. (surprise, surprise). However, the real surprise was how little flotation it would take to keep the boat at the surface. I think it required about 200 pounds, not more. Most of the material in the boat is neutral buoyancy once submerged. The problem is with floating heavy things like the outboard engine. Maybe someone else can shed light on this discussion. You won't find it in the archives.

Just for your info, a 1.5" hole will fill the hull to 10" deep in about 10 minutes. Don't ask!


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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