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Re: forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23

Congrats on your purchase. I just purchased a SJ23 last year and spent much of the year fixing and upgrading. I just returned from a honeymoon trip to Florida where we towed the boat over 1300 miles and sailed every afternoon on Apalachicola Bay. I was more worried about the trailer than the boat. Take one project at a time and try not to get overwhelmed. I also live in NC and sometimes sail around New Bern. About two years ago I spent and entire summer repairing a Ranger 26 at Duck Creek Marina just north of New Bern. They are a great resource if you run into problems.

I have a flexible water tank forward but I keep it drained most of the time and I am looking into removing it and replacing with a rigid tank. I think this one is so dirty (mildew and who knows what else is growing in the tank) that I may start over. Also the water pump is hit or miss with the tank unless you have plenty of water to help it hold shape. Usually I don't need 40 gallons of fresh water when I mostly day sail or occasionally overnight.

Before the SJ23 I owned a Precision 18. We had many discussions about positive flotation on the Precision email list. You should post the question on the Trailer Sailor web site and also search the archives. I started to place minicell or closed cell foam in my Precision but eventually abandoned the project. I did make sure many of the cavity spaces were sealed so if the boat did turtle, there would be air cavities to slow the sinking of the boat. The key was not to turtle the boat in the first place. I have not even thought of positive flotation for the SJ23. It is such a large boat with such heavy ballast, I haven't even considered the possibility of turtling (although I realize it is possible). There is plenty of space on the boat to place minicell/closed cell foam. I would try to use mincell/closed cell considering it does not absorb any water and it is easily shaped. It is difficult to find and it can be expensive. Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Raleigh or Wilmington have a great selection. I have no idea how much flotation it would take to really make it unsinkable.

Good luck with all of your projects and keep in touch. Maybe we can enjoy sailing together once your boat is ready.
On Dec 9, 2004, at 7:42 PM, Hal Mueller wrote:

Danny Batten
S/V Willie Juan
Wake Forest, NC

(message from DB27513@xxxxxxxxx fell through the cracks while I was upgrading the server hardware)

hi all - am new to the list.  Just got my SJ23 2 days ago. Plans are to
put in a slip in New Bern NC. Presently am overwhelmed with the
complexities of what I purchased!!  Am a hands on kind of guy, and will
learn, but right now.. whew!

2 Questions if you all might know about: (actually 3)

1)Positive floatation: havnt seen this discussed anwhere - just how
quickly boat will sink!!  Appears from all my snooping in the boat it
has none. How would I estimate how much to add to achieve this?

2)Water tank is origonal (I think) metal version under cockpit floor.
Want to put new one in bow (heard sails better) & fill under cockpit
space with foam.  Old one is glued to floor - do I just use a pry bar
to break glue seal (after removing connections?)

3) Is this list (and archives) searchable?

thanks in advance!

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Danny Batten

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