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Fwd: Re: forward: Newbie Dave just got a San Juan 23

thanks to all about the comments on SJ23 positive flotation.  I think
Im learning that it would be a pretty difficult project (& not sure how
many wind bottle bags it would take!), and that to most, it doesnt seem
to be much of a concern (tho kids on board complicate things). BTW, Im
not so much worried about going turtle - more about striking a
submerged floating object & punching a hole in hull (friend in raleigh
sail & power squadon just did run into something in the Nuese River -
no hole though).  

More importantly, I got the boat to Duck Creek Marina, up on stands,
bottom being painted, and (if all goes well) in the water b4 chistmas
for our maiden voyage. Will keep posted 

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