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Re: Misc questions and comments

 I understand your query. I am out of town as I send this, [again] but I have put my wife on it. [Which may or may not be a good thing]. She hesitates to do much searching in my office, and again, that may be a good thing, but that is for lack of nerve. I have my own organizational skills, or lack thereof, and it is either that, or her fear of reprisal should she unearth her Christmas presents or otherwise violate my privacy. I assured her that there would be no such problem, and then she relented and admitted that she is just plain scared. I will address the problem upon returning home. Please do not give up, for I am sure of my possession of the burgee. I only ask your patience. Unless you plan to sail your boat in the tropics in the next month or so, I am sure it will be flying by the next launch. Hope all is well with you and your family. By the way, you were not pressing. In fact, you should keep it up, for I sometimes need reminding. My wife calls me the absent minded Professor.
                                                           William Best

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