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Where to weigh your rig

Here are some additional ideas for weighing what is being towed. 
Many if not most of the larger truck stops have scales and will charge a small fee ($5.00 to $10.00) for anyone who wishes to use their truck scales.  Truckstops which do not have scales will generally know where the nearest scales are located, so they are a good place to inquire.  Feed and grain businesses have scales by necessity and will generally allow use of them for a small fee.  Any warehouse or operation where semi-trucks, dump trucks, concrete trucks, etc. pick up heavy loads can tell you where the nearest scales are.  I think it was already mentioned, but it bears repeating, that all concrete mix businesses have scales. 
I have even weighed at government operated truck weigh stations when they were closed.  For example, when no one is there, it's possible to park your trailer on the scale.  Then get out of the vehicle and look thru the window.  The scale weight can often be seen thru the window on a digital screen inside the building. 
For the safety of one's boat and family, it's a good idea to know how much weight the vehicle is towing rather than guessing.  If nothing else, you may decide to purchase premium and/or larger tires/wheels for your trailer when you realize how much weight is actually towed.  With all the stuff (extra weight) which it's possible to keep adding to every nook and cranny of a boat over time, some folks are surprised to find their actual towing weight is much higher than expected.      

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