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January Race, Middle Georgia

Greetings from Middle Georgia,

Our club held it's first race of 2004 on Saturday: 65 degrees, sunny, wind 10 to 15 with gusts up to 20 mph, 8 boats competing. I was the only SJ on the course, a triangle of about 2 miles around. My neighbor who also has an SJ23 and usually races was under the weather and didn't compete. I was single handing using main and 155% genoa, way overpowered. My rail was in the water many times and rounded up often. It was not one of my better days. I usually finish in the top half of the fleet. This time I finished in the bottom half. In hind sight, I should have put up the small jib. I would have enjoyed the day much better and probably would have finished higher.

Check the club out at .

Jimmy Harrell
SJ 23 and other boats
Lake Sinclair, GA

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