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Re: SJ23 Notice

 I have been doing the brush, [and roller] in the freezer trick for over twenty years and have yet to have a problem. [With some possible complaints from my wife.] While having had my boat in the driveway for the last two years, and consequently having had nothing but spider webs in my slip at the club, I can commit to launching by the end of May. The new bulkheads are made and other interior woodwork is in the making. Bottom has been redone with numerous blisters dremeled and filled and seven coats of barrier paint applied. A quick sand and some VC17 and the bottom is ready. Have a new main and a new mainsheet setup ready to install. Many other add-ons and fixes have been, or are soon to be included, but suffice to say all should be well with a couple weeks work as soon as the warmer weather comes my way. Thanks for all your work, as it has been a welcome source of information. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                       See you all on the water!
                                                  William Best

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