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Water Leakage through Chain Plates

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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 06:45:49
Subject: posting


Good Morning Chuck


  I am sorry to bother you again but you are the only contact I have made, from the list. I have tried to send an email four separate times to the list since the 21st. and have had no success It is times like this that make me feel like a complete idiot. I sent it out as rich text format and also tried plain text format. I ended up with a 40 page return from the server on one occasion and no replies on the others.  I was sending the posting to 'sanjuan23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' as a regular email.  At first I thought maybe they where all posted at one time by someone, so I waited. I did get a reply on ?commands? but my old mind fails to understand.  I was sure that I put a stamp on the mail but anyway I?m lost. The posting is enclosed if you could help me I would forever be in you debt.

  I did learn something this past week, don?t turn your virus checker off for expedience or testing, or at least turn it back on when you are done.          

Chuck, thank you again.

George Farland




Hi to all 


   I have a question or two for the group.  In preparation for spring I just inspected "TWO TACHY" although partially covered with a tarp she leaked down through the chain plates, yes no deck plates and I would like suggestions or help on those.  The plywood bulkheads are coming apart and it is now time to replace both of them.  I went back through the postings to pickup references made to them but could not find the listings that I know are there.  I can re-cut new ones and do a straight replacement but I am interested in modifications that some of you may have made (or would like to). One question that I have is can the port unit be cut down the same as the starboard unit or is it needed as is for the mast support. In tech tips I noticed that the Zephyr's port bulkhead goes to the cabin roof.  I know it would restrict air flow but I have several computer cooling fans located in the cabin.  They are extremely low draw, 12 volt, very quite, very cheap and will run very long on a set of batteries. This helps with the air flow problem. I do like the privacy idea for the v-berth.  Since I will be doing the work inside the cabin I am looking at several changes from the original setup to include back rests and storage with sliding doors both port and starboard.  Since I locate my batteries under the starboard seat I'm planning an easy access hatch near the floor so I don't have to lower them down through the cut outs under the cushions.  I'm open to any and all suggestions since I get a lot of enjoyment working on her.

Jacki and George Farland


Sugar Land, Texas 








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