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Gelcoat crazing at the stern

I have noticed that I have significant gelcoat crazing at the stern of
the boat.  The crazing is actually on the bottom of the boat and the
gelcoat hairline cracks extend to both sides of the boat.  It seems to
be too much spread between all of the crazing to reflect impact damage.
I was thinking it could be stress from the back stay pulling on the
stern.  I am used to crazing around stanchions and other stress areas
but I have never seen crazing on the bottom of a boat.  The SJ23 is new
to me and I didn't notice the crazing when I purchased the boat due to
so much stain and mildew on the hull; however, as I have been cleaning
the hull, I recently noticed the crazing.  Have any of you experienced
crazing in this area.

Danny Batten

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I would not cut hatches in the vertical walls underneath the seats.  I'm
expert but it looks to me like these walls add significant rigidity to
hull.  Also it looks to me like these compartments would prevent sinking
the unlikely event that the hull was punctured in the area under the

Having said this, I have a friend with a SJ23 who cut access hatches in
boat about a year ago.  He hasn't had any structural problems that I
know of.

I would like to know what others think about cutting these access 
hatches.  They sure would improve access to the storage area under the

Just my opinion for what its worth.
Jimmy Harrell

>You Wrote:
>... Since I locate my batteries under the starboard seat I'm planning 
>easy access hatch near the floor so I don't have to lower them down 
>through the cut outs under the cushions.  I'm open to any and all 
>suggestions since I get a lot of enjoyment working on her.
>Jacki and George Farland
>Sugar Land, Texas
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