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RE: Winches question

Thanx all for the responses on the winch maintenance. It was so simple I'm
almost embarrassed to have asked. The winches in question turned out to be
ARCO and there are no loose pieces (except for the cap and clip ring) that
go "sproing" at the least convenient time. I do have one winch that is a
LEWMAR but with care there were no surprises there either. Total time was
about an hour for all four winches.

Now I have to fix a leak in one of my cockpit drains that appeared over the
winter. Apparently some leaves and dust build up cause a plug and the water
froze... Hopefully it will not be to major a chore.

Anybody build a back yard mast out of PVC or something similar to hang the
sails on to dry after cleaning? I suppose I could just bag them and take
them back to the boat to hang them, but just thought it might be easier for
the final rinse and dry to have them hanging.

The search for a trailer continues.

Thanx again for the input and a great season to y'all.

Owned by "ToniLou"

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