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Rudder blade/prop damage

My rudder blade has been chewed by my OB prop!  There is a small section, approximately 3-4 inches long, on the trailing edge that has been “chewed” by the prop maybe ½”  in.  deep.  Have I probably gotten a wet core now or can I repair this and be OK?  Or should I satisfy my desires and just get a new blade in the kick-up version? J  

My rudder doesn’t attach to a spring gudgeon and is secured with a bolt and insert nut.  I don’t remove it because of this and it’s unwieldy size since the boat is moored. But my OB is very difficult to turn so I also use the rudder to steer while motoring.  I’m usually careful about trying to go to starboard because I know the prop can hit the blade but one time recently I had to make a quick hard to starboard and I think that is when the blade got gnawed on.  Do others have this same problem?  Do you attach the OB to the rudder head for same-effect steering?  



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