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FW: SJ23 - Replace lift cable


    I believe you are right.  At the beginning of the last season I had to block up the boat and remove the swing keel in the parking lot.  The keel was stuck in the truck because of debris that I picked up when I took her aground on an oyster reef.  As I recall I removed the retaining screws and pivot pin before I could pull the keel out and the cable ends up just above the bottom of the boat when in the lowered position.  Also the cable was attached in a manor that took me more than a few minutes and wasn’t easy.  I believe it would have been impossible on mine to do while in the water.  Bob before you haul with a lift you might want to try running a web strap under the boat and lifting the keel back into the trunk and than tying it off so you can haul it out with a trailer.

George Farland





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I don't think it can be done underwater. Mine is broken now and I plan to have the boat hauled so I can repair it. It has been broken since last fall and I tried to dive down and reconnect it and found it impossible to stay in the waters of Puget Sound long enough to do it. But I also think the clip was not exposed with the board down. 



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Date: Sunday, March 28, 2004 20:54:26

Subject: SJ23 - Replace lift cable


This question is directed to those people who have replaced their
centreboard lift cable while the boat is floating. It is just about time
to replace mine and I have to consider my options. I have always thought
that the cable stayed inside the centreboard trunk while the board is
down, but I'm not sure. Hence the following questions.

Q1 - Is it possible (by diving under the boat) to access the small clip
that attaches to the centreboard while the boat is floating? -
Q2 - If the clip is below the hull (outside the trunk), how far from the
hull is it? -
Q3 - Which tools did you use while underwater? -


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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