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Re: SJ23 - Replace lift cable


     I did have a failure of the lower crimp on my centerboard cable while
sitting at the dock one Sunday morning. In order to back out of the slip we
drug a genny sheet under the keel on both sides to snag the board and led
the ends to the sheet winches. This lifted the centerboard about 1/2 way up,
I'll guess.

     After motoring out to the center of the lake to lessen the chance of
annoying any alligators, we anchored the boat. A new end was crimped on the
cable and it was feed down the slot under the table. A small line was tied
on the top end of the cable so it could could be lowered farther if needed.

      A quick dive under the boat confirmed that the lift shackle on the
board is below the keel when the board is all the way down. The water here
(Lake Monroe, FL) is pitch black, so I had to go by feel alone. The shackle
was still on the centerboard. In this case it was a matter of using a
stainless steel snap hook to connect the cable end to the shackle. It took
me several tries but was not too hard to do.

     I don't know if any of this applies in your case, but hopefully you'll
figure something out. Best of luck.

Steve Soyars
1979 SJ23
DeLand, FL


> This question is directed to those people who have replaced their
> centreboard lift cable while the boat is floating. It is just about time
> to replace mine and I have to consider my options. I have always thought
> that the cable stayed inside the centreboard trunk while the board is
> down, but I'm not sure. Hence the following questions.
> Q1 - Is it possible (by diving under the boat) to access the small clip
> that attaches to the centreboard while the boat is floating? -
> Q2 - If the clip is below the hull (outside the trunk), how far from the
> hull is it? -
> Q3 - Which tools did you use while underwater? -
> --
> Kind Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> (Always stay curious)
> bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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