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for sale notes and search engines

After you post your for sale notice, point your web browser at Find the URL of your posting (e.g. Hit ctrl-C or command-C to copy the URL of your posting, then visit and paste the posting's URL into the page.

This will get your ad indexed immediately by Google. If you don't do this Google will find it eventually, but it might take days or weeks.

You can use the same general procedure for other search engines, if you're so inclined.

I do review the logs every now and then, and we get a good bit of traffic completely unrelated to San Juan 23's. The advice on outboards or hull blisters or sailmakers is applicable to many boats besides the SJ23's, and I can see from the webserver logs that many people find it helpful. The SJ23 list is a couple hundred folks, but it is helping many more people than that.

(I have, BTW, already done this for Jim's and Paul's boats)


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