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RE: SJ23 Bimini


I think that is Ron Katz -  Sea Witch?  Combo bimini dodger?

I will have photos of my low budget unit to share sometime this week. 

Mike R
Lake Norman, NC
# 363 Obi Juan

Bob Schimmel <bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>It seems to me that another SJ23 member had a slick design for a 
>bimini.  Unfortunately I can't remember who it is but I think it was a 
>deep red colour.  Would you please send me a picture of your bimini 
>along with any descriptive text.  It's only fair that this design is 
>represented as well.  Send the picture directly to my home address, NOT 
>via the SJ23 distribution list. 
>Kind Regards
>Bob Schimmel
>(Always stay curious)
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