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Re: Bimini Construction Details

What is my wife doing sailing with you?
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

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Date: Saturday, April 17, 2004 05:16:15
Subject: Re: Bimini Construction Details
The admiral reviewed the article below and suggested changes. Those
changes have been made and it is now easier to read and at least some of
the grammatical and spelling errors have been corrected. Take a look again
if you had trouble with the original post.

A fine woman, that admiral is. She will even go sailing with me
sometimes. However, she doesn't like it unless the wind is at least 5
mph. A few years ago, early in her sailing experiences, we were in a
distance race. The wind built to 15 to 20 mph and we had the main and
genoa up. The boat was healing a good bit especially in the gusts and to
make her more comfortable (my thinking), I decided to lower the genny and
just use the main. She didn't know much about the technicalities of
sailing but observed that the boat behind was catching us. She inquired as
to why. I explained that I lowered to genny to make it more comfortable
for her and that was why we were going slower. She informed me that she
was doing just fine and gave the order to raise that big sail because she
didn't like to loose. We finished in the middle of the pack.

Sometimes I digress,

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