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New List Member

::If you are new to the list, we'd love for you to
send us an intro.
Tell us who you are, where you sail, what sort of
sailing you like to
do, and your boat's name, hull number, and year.::

Hello, all! Just introducing myself as a new member of
the list.

Name: DJ Nestrick
Where: Daytona Beach, FL
Type of Sailing: Daysailing, weekends, maybe a bit
Boat Name: None yet!
Hull #: Don't know 
Year: 1978

My wife, two dogs, and I purchased her last weekend
and will be picking her up next week. She is
beautiful! We took her out for sea trial and she
sailed marvelously, even with the centerboard stuck
up. That's also why we won't get her until next week -
marina is fixing.

She looks to be in great shape, but I expect to have
some questions as I work from maintainence project to
upgrade project. Especially as this will be my first
boat. Sailed a lot on other people's boats but have
waited until now to make that leap. So, thanks in
advance! And if anyone wants to sail in our 80 degree,
sunny, Florida weather, let me know...


David J. Nestrick, MBA, CFP
FirsTrust Private Wealth Management Group

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