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RE: Rudder advice/suggestions sought

Thanks Jimmy! 
I really appreciate the photos and the newsletter!  I wasn't quite sure
how people had lines attached to raise the rudder Your photos are a big
help. I'm still going to pursue some pin method I think since I don't
worry about running aground until I'm headed to the slip. 

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I have my rudder set up so that I can use lines to hold the rudder down
also in the up position.  I keep the rudder out of the water when at the

dock.  For a while I used a dowel pin to hold the rudder down and
broke it a couple of times when I ran aground.  The dowel was tight when
put it in and swelled when it got wet.  It could not be removed and 
replaced once it was wet.  It was not hard to remove, but it had to be 
knocked out using  a punch.  Any removable/replaceable pin would
be too strong to sheer.

Photos at the link below shows how I have mine set up.  Hope this helps.

Jimmy Harrell, Lake Sinclair, GA

At 10:19 AM 4/18/2004, you wrote:
>I have a new slip that can be a bit shallow with the right wind tide.
>Therefore I am needing to make my rudder a swing up. The blade and head
>are for a swing type but the previous owner had it all locked down with
>bolts. I have taken it all apart and reviewed Bob's tech tips and lo
>behold, my blade had no holes for the bungee cords....and neither does
>my head. I do however have a nice hole that I am thinking of using a
>in for lockdown.
>See, I only need to raise the blade when I'm approaching and in my slip
>or a beach. The rest of the time the water I sail is deep enough to not
>worry. I'm thinking a quick release pin....what's the opinion?
>And I'd really appreciate any pics of how everyone has rigged their
>rudder to make it easy to raise. I'm toying with a shackle/block in the
>trailing edge with a line to a block on the aft end of the tiller. (My
>head has no wood's completely welded plate.) But somehow
>this doesn't seem right.....
>Thanks all

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