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Reef Line rigging

Do you have a reef line setup with a single line and does it run aft?  I have a padeye and a cheek block opposite each other about `13" from the end of the boom that near as I can figure, must be for a reef line....and then I have a padeye and a 4" cleat opposite each other on the mast at the boom point. Cunningham or reef/cunningham line?  I'm guessing this was rigged with two lines that had to be operated independently, one at the mast and one at the end of the boom....I don't like that arrangement.
I've not been out yet in enough wind/conditions to worry about reefing Thesaurus but plan to so I need to get it ready.
Secondly, has anyone ever run lines aft by using a double block as a stand up at the mast base?  My plate has enough room to attach one item per side but I want to run two lines (main halyard and reef) on one side and jib halyard on other, which is already set up with factory method. Instead of attaching a double turning block (Harken 222) to the mast base where I have possible interference with wires that exit, I was thinking of making a double stand up block.....any ideas or suggestions would as always be welcome.
And the rudder conversion is complete and swings just fine...up and down. I sure obsessed for nothing on that one....
Rudy Mayer

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