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Re: Going aloft on an SJ 23

I have climbed my halyard a couple of times.  I used my caving gear which allows me to climb the rope portion of the halyard.  At the top of the mast, it's pretty stable for me (155#) when the boat is tied loosely at the dock.  Someone moving around on the boat creates much more roll than me moving about.  I'd rather climb the mast than step it unless I have some really major work to do.

Danny Cobb

Robert Curry wrote:

Hello!  Has anybody ever gone aloft using a bosun’s chair on his or her SJ 23?  If so, has anybody ever tried an ATN Top Climber  (one of those do-it-your-self chairs?)  The boat seems a bit light for this kind of activity, although the halyards and accompanying rigging seem adequate.  Any thoughts on this or experience would be appreciated.




Robert Curry


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