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Re: Questions for the experts

 Not to beat Jim to the punch, but I happen to know the boat in question well. I am a fellow member of the sailing club Jim belongs to, and I am a friend of both Jim and the former owner of Island Time. [In fact, I helped do the bottom job on her just a couple years back.] I sailed the boat, and liked it so much that finding a neglected SJ23 at the club was more than I could take. Being a sucker for neglected boats, and having liked Island Time so much, I bought the basket case and am almost ready to launch her. My boat will be seaworthy, and have new bulkheads and other necessities, but will pale in comparison to Island Time as far as interior finish and panache. To answer your question, yes, the boat is in Indy. The boat is in very good shape, and as you said, it would be a bargain at five thousand. In fact, it would be well worth his last asking price of sixty-five hundred. To fully appreciate the boat, it should be seen, or at least your friend should see more pictures of her which I am sure could be arranged.
                                                        William Best

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