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RE: whisker pole/lazy sheet usage


Just clip one end of the wisker pole to sheet, push it outward then, clip the other end to the mast eye.  I only bother while using the 155 genoa and short handed. I only use the wisker to sail wing on wing. Watch out in big wind, if you death roll the pole will drag in the water and snap. When short handed in big wind running downwind I just hold the guy sheet out by hand. I saw a picture a while ago with a big cruiser with twin symetricial 130 jibs ripping downwind poled out with twin wiskers,  I want to try that someday.


>From: "Mayer, Rudy" <RMayer@xxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: whisker pole/lazy sheet usage
>Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 09:07:31 -0400
>If you put out a whisker pole, do you use another set of jib sheets
>(lazy sheets)? Do you run them thru any block or just directly to the
>winch/cleat?  I have two sets of track but only one set of
>blocks.....was considering clipping blocks to the toe rail for use with
>lazy sheets but the load seems so light, I wondered if I should bother.
>s/v Thesaurus
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